You can elect to match up to 100% of your electricity use with renewable energy certificates for your home!

Sign up for home renewable energy services through your utility provider to have your purchase of RECs automatically applied to your electricity bill.

Don’t see your provider listed below? We’ve got you covered! Sign up for Sterling Wind™ by clicking “All Other States” and to get certified Wind RECs for your home.

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You can elect to match up to 100% of your electricity use with renewable energy!


Since 2001, over 100 utilities have entered agreements with
the utility veterans at Sterling Planet to be a part of their
Regional Green Power program. Services include sale or
purchase of renewable energy certificates, renewable energy
projects co-development, utility green pricing, and consulting
on energy efficiency / RPS mandates and the carbon market.


Renewable Energy Credit Supply and Support

Sterling Planet provides a comprehensive and diverse supply of renewable energy products that can be used to offset the carbon footprint for any electricity user.

  • Supply of Certificates: Sterling Planet provides verified Renewable Energy Certificates, measured in MWh, to meet retail subscriptions.
  • Reporting: Sterling Planet provides all necessary paperwork, forms and information submittals as required in accordance with any Commission requirement in the states.
  • Verification: Sterling Planet will verify the validity of all Certificates provided. Including a general description of each resource, the location, and technology.

Green Program Development

As part of a utility green pricing program, Sterling Planet can provide the full array of renewable energy marketing support services, offered either as part of a comprehensive program or a la carte. These services cover both the supply and demand arenas:

  • Online customer enrollment
  • Management and administrative support
  • Provide expertise, research and marketing support
  • REC purchase reconciliation and accounting
  • Program environmental impact tracking
  • Portfolio supply management
  • Customer acquisition & retention strategies

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