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Carbon Offsets support projects that reduce GHG emissions beyond what you can achieve through individual action. Therefore, when you purchase Carbon Offsets, you help to fund these projects and diminish the impact of your own GHG emissions. Learn more

Choose either a one time purchase or a monthly recurring purchase to offset your footprint.

The average American household footprint is a little below 50 tons of CO2-equivalent per year.  Your own household carbon footprint can be determined using the EPA calculator:


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Carbon Offsets are verified reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide.
Offsetting your carbon footprint allows you to become part of the solution to climate change.

  • Carbon offsets are a hedge against the atmospheric buildup of heat-trapping gases, commonly referred to as greenhouse gases (“GHG”).
  • Since GHG levels affect the entire planet, Sterling Planet believes that the best way to offset your carbon footprint is to purchase a diverse portfolio of carbon offsets. All projects that Sterling Planet supports are validated and verified by independent, third parties and meet the highest standards.

Sterling Climate™ is a Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and/or Climate Action Reserve (CAR) approved greenhouse gas emission reduction (carbon offset) product from 100% U.S. Landfill Gas to Energy projects. “Sterling Climate™” is the carbon offset product that individual customers purchase to offset their home and individual carbon footprints.

Project Type Landfill Gas Utilization Project
Location U.S.
Project Verification Verified Carbon Standard and/or Climate Action Reserve
Sample Projects Greater New Bedford (MA)
Wolf Creek (GA)

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