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What We Do

Upholding the principles of social responsibility, environmental stewardship and economic performance.

Businesses of all sizes, colleges and universities, government agencies, utilities and individual consumers turn to Sterling Planet to help meet their sustainability goals. Our comprehensive approach is a triple-threat that includes the nation’s first White Tags® energy efficiency certificates, Green-e® Energy certified renewable energy certificates (RECs), and direct carbon offsets. These solutions help to counterbalance your environmental footprint while allowing you to support programs and projects that help build our cleaner energy future, grow the economy and avoid climate change.


We are dedicated to easing our clients’ shift toward carbon neutrality.”

Energy Efficiency. The greatest impact you can make on environmental emissions is to reduce your energy use.  By taking responsible steps – such as switching to compact fluorescent lighting, updating heating and cooling systems, or using energy efficient appliances – you can make a big difference in your carbon footprint. For organizations seeking to incentivize reductions, Sterling Planet offers innovative White Tags® energy efficiency certificates. 

Renewable Energy. Generation from the sun, wind, water and plants contributes to a sustainable energy future, energy independence and new job and business creation. You can counteract conventional electricity use from fossil fuels by purchasing renewable energy certificates. Sterling Planet also works with partners to develop renewable projects - investment in Sterling Planet RECs directly affects the growth of the green power economy.

Carbon Offsets. Also known as verified emission reductions, carbon offsets compensate for the direct and indirect impacts of transportation and other non grid-tied energy use by supporting projects that reduce GHG emissions.

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