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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to request a clean energy plan for my business?

Every business, corporation or organization has the opportunity to request a custom designed plan specific for their business needs. We are happy to provide you with this benefit. We can more accurately reduce or eliminate your business environmental impact this way.

What is a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)?

RECs first came on the national scene in 2001, when Sterling Planet delivered the first renewable certificate offer available coast-to-coast, called Green America™. Since then, the company has sold billions of Green-e certified ‘green’ kWh, enough to avert more than 20 billion pounds of carbon dioxide and earn ranking as the leading supplier to business customers. Learn more about Renewable Energy.

More Answers

What does it mean to offset an event?

Event organizers are ‘greening’ their events with renewable energy and carbon offsets. Sterling Planet can help eliminate or shrink the carbon footprint of an event. Contact us to learn about offsetting your event.

What are my payment options?

Online payment methods include major credit cards and Paypal. Annual and prepayment options are available for our larger corporate clients. Contact to discuss these options.

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